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I have an extensive and varied background in education. Teacher, Principal, Associate Director of the Principals Development Planning Centre, facilitator, conference presenter,  and coach. I’ve been a facilitator and coach nationally and internationally.


My strengths are in leadership development, collaborative inquiries, readiness for learning in a learning through play context, school evaluation using data driven decision making, coaching, and clarity of teaching and learning. I am an Expert Partner in Kahui Ako.


I am a qualified coach and have 15 years coaching experience and for the last ten years I have developed and trained coaches in New Zealand and offshore.


I coach leaders and teachers, working alongside them to co-construct support and development that is based on sound data and is appropriate to their context and specific needs. I have an inquiry and growth mindset and my way of working fosters and grows this in others. I am passionate about making a difference for our learners.


I am passionate about understanding and improving teaching and learning through collaborative projects and innovation.  I am experienced in learning through play and child development. I am co-creator of the Ready for Learning Foundation Skills framework.


I have led Collaborative Inquiries in schools, supporting them to implement an effective Learning through Play program. In addition to modelling best practice in Learning through Play to teachers, and leaders in the Waikato and Bay of Plenty, I’ve run workshops and PLG’s for leaders, teachers and RTLB.


I enjoy working collaboratively and co-designing approaches with others. I thrive on challenge and am absolutely passionate about making our schools the best possible learning experience for everyone including children, whanau, teachers and communities.


My general approach to work is about being inclusive, challenging, scaffolding progress, working collaboratively and being positive - in other words learning while having fun together.


Kate Horton is on a mission to become the best educational coach in the world. Why? Because she knows that coaching is the secret sauce of teacher and learner success. 


Kate works with schools to help teams explore how coaching can strengthen reflection, boost autonomy and unleash creativity. Bringing her unique brand of ‘Professional Learning Through Play’, Kate is shaking up the PLD space and proving that it’s not just students who learn best when they’re having fun. 


Check out her work at:

Jenni Dittmer

Jenni has worked nationally and internationally across primary, intermediate and secondary schools for over thirty years. As a teacher, senior school leader, project lead, professional development facilitator and coach she is passionate about improving educational outcomes for students, staff and whanau.  Her strengths in Literacy Education, using Assessment to inform learning and Leadership Coaching have been developed through roles which have included national literacy projects, national and international assessment tool development and review, coaching middle and senior leaders and professional development design for change management and implementation of new curriculums and assessments.

Nicole Lowrey

I am an NZ teacher and researcher with over 15 years experience working in primary schools and early childhood settings.  I am devoted to producing excellent outcomes for our tamariki through making the curriculum more accessible to learners through play and readiness for learning.


Over the last 5 years I have looked deeply into how we deliver curriculum to unlock learning potential. This includes developing a deep understanding of the components of play and how we as teachers can weave emergent curriculum into the NZC in a practical and manageable way. In 2020, I completed a Master of Education endorsed in Curriculum and Pedagogy with Distinction with research conducted into transition, leadership and networking. My areas of expertise include:


  • Mentoring and modelling play implementation 

  • Facilitating linking play to planning and assessment

  • Structured Literacy 

  • Transition and networking with ECE services 


I am passionate about building trusting relationships to foster collaboration with teachers, syndicates, and leadership to design practical solutions to meet the needs of your school and develop shared understandings that work for everyone in the learning community.

Vince Ford

Vince Ford is a father, a trained teacher and author of books for children’s and teens. He’s won the junior fiction and best first book awards at the New Zealand Children’s Literature Awards  in addition to children’s choice awards in the junior fiction and teen categories. 

Vince is the author of Ready 4 Learning, Ready 4 Life and the creator of our videos and online learning modules (

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