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This of course is an act of vandalism. I’m not defending it, but I’m not condemning it either. I’ve been called out on social media for saying that vandalism is good art. That’s true. For me, it’s a form of performance art. Graphic artists are familiar with the concept of graffiti –the practice of tagging or creating your own art in public. The public aspect is significant. It’s a way to get the art out there. It’s a declaration to the world that “this is my territory”. It’s a way to challenge authority, or just to create something original and beautiful. It can be a strong form of activism. And it has been around for centuries, from medieval times to the renaissance to the 1960s. In 2006, in this country, I started working on a series of photos that were very much the opposite of a painting. They were in fact small pieces of sculpture. You could say they were photo portraits. I called them “Skalpsketchups” because they were based on small self-portraits I had taken for the show where I placed them in the white outline of a sketch, exposing and illustrating the intricacies of my face. I was criticized by art critics as being careless, but others who saw the series in Chicago were very supportive. The best response was by Dr. Keith Burtscher, an adjunct professor at Western Illinois University who said: “I am going to buy every one of these, and call you to get you fired.” And that’s what happened. It didn’t take very long for the Board of Trustees of the union to hear about the “sketch” and they told me to resign immediately. I refused. They said that I couldn’t continue teaching at Western Illinois University. The Board was outraged. The students’ union was outraged. It was a media frenzy. The board said I had to remove the art from the walls of the gallery or I would be fired. I did remove them. I was fired. But I continued to work on the series and the series continues. Skalpsketchups Serial was created to show the scars of my past. My first art teacher had no faith in me and thought I was a “screw up” and “slacker”



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